Alcohol and meeting people

Adrian George Nicolae
3 min readJun 20, 2018
Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Oh, no, not another post about how alcohol is bad or good, or causes accidents or any other stuff like that.
I’ll try not to do that. You can make your own opinion about that through what I’m going to say.
Remember, somebody’s solace is somebody else’s burden.

Now, obviously alcohol is bad if you drink a lot of it every day, but then again, Michael Caine used to drink a bottle of vodka for a year and had some blackouts that got him banned from pubs, Lemmy from Motorhead drank a bottle of Jack Daniels a day for over 40 years, man, and Andre the Giant drank 30-some pints of beer when he went out, and that was probably 5 nights a week.
Point is, you’re dying anyway, might as well enjoy it, like these geezers did.

For instance, in Japan and South Korea, more so than in the UK, whenever office people go out for a drink, they turn so messy you start to pity the people getting drunk because they sleep on the ground, park, train stop, looking like someone stole their briefcase but forgot the wallet. One of those sad, yet content with where they landed faces.

Alcohol is quite big in Romania, too. We drink a lot whenever we feel like it, and while we got wasted and smashed like the Brits do, we actually eat some snacks in-between downing shots and sniffing whisky flavours…