Everything everywhere all at once, the Chinese Matrix or how dreamers are

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readMay 20, 2022

Mmm, yes, I know, that technically, this isn’t made in China, but it features Chinese protagonists.

Anyway, this movie starts fairly easy with someone who doesn’t have much attention for anything and it goes into a weird, strange, random trip about everything, anything, and nothing at the same time. Well, gradually, but you get it.

Apart from a few snippets, I didn’t know much about this one, and choosing between this and Dr. Strange 2, I made the right choice. Like when you choose between a bagel and a donut.

And as I was saying, without giving too much away, I’m sure that that’s how some people who are bipolar can feel. Or with split personalities, or who dream.

I used to dream more than I do now, and I know that in some of those dreams, I can be all sorts, pretty much like in this movie. And don’t we all want some of our dreams to be real instead of what they are? Check out this scene with Meryl Streep as a homeless woman in Ironweed to see what I’m talking about.

Besides the dreaming part, the What if scenarios with living different lives based on one choice (because what if you made a different choice and didn’t settle for the life you have now?), I think this movie is about being understood, misunderstood…