Finding that passion once again

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readJun 13, 2018
Photo by Joshua Harris on Unsplash

Ah, yes, the passion.
I used to watch a lot of football in the past, and play Football Manager (2006 #1) and FM has a penchant of making some players be wonderkids in games, and then you look them up in real life, and most of them don’t reach their potential. Whether it’s an injury plague, or not being seen by the right people, or making the wrong transfer choice, or simply having their interest in the sport fade, it’s sad when your favourite players just go off on a different, less glamorous, tangent.

That can be said about real life. Whether you evolve, stagnate, or devolve, everything is a cycle of passion, more or less.
Some years ago, when I used to live with my folks, I used to wake up at 4–5 in the morning and go to bed at 9 in evening. You might think that that’s crazy, or unsustainable, but I did that for over a year, and enjoyed it a lot. And some time after I did that, I read online about some online coach saying you should do the same thing, so in that aspect, I was ahead of the curb.
However, the one mistake that I made back then was to stop evolving.
I was doing yoga, running, writing, online courses (mostly about human psychology and biases), with some chill time for video games and films.
To me, that sounds fine, apart from one aspect. Financial. Yup. I was broke. Couldn’t figure out how to make money online, which was what that online coach guy was doing.
Things changed, I moved to London, and everything I had build went away. I know. It sucks, although that lifestyle had done it’s course for about 6 months and I was waiting for something new to inject in my life.

Now, with my one year challenge, and with one month almost having passed, I feel different.
I’ve started smiling (more than just here and there), I’ve gained some confidence to chase and pursue certain things, and overall, just feel rejuvenated.
It hasn’t been easy, although if you’ve seen my videos, some may seem like that, but trust me, not easy at all.

How about you, any flavour in yourselves?
What’s changed that you wish you were still doing but can’t?

First appeared on my blog.