How does cancel culture work, exactly?

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readOct 12, 2022
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

If you’re one of the more outspoken people out there, like me, you’ll have heard of this “cancel culture” happening in the past 2–3 years, seemingly out of nowhere.
Whether it has affected people like James Gunn and Kevin Hart for tweets they made years prior, or Eminem for random lyrics, people mostly seem to target celebs and/or artists, for some reason. Maybe they’re more in the spotlight?

But one thing I don’t see, even if this cancel culture thing is ridiculous, is why isn’t anybody canceling politicians?

In the UK, or England rather, you have some of the most racist, xenophobic, and whatever words you may want to find, politicians around.
I’m not going to mention the former PM, Boris Johnson, because everybody knows about him and it didn’t see to do him any harm.
But I will mention the about the former and current Home Office MPs.

First up you have Priti Patel, a woman who was born in the UK from immigrant parents, who she herself has said that with the current immigration laws that she’s trying to put in place, her parents wouldn’t have been allowed in. I don’t know about you, but I find that baffling.
As you all know, there’s been a war in Ukraine, and all countries have opened their arms to refugees.
But with England, it seems a bit less. Let me ask you, with a war on, how would you do that, when you’ve lost your possessions and probably don’t have much money?

Now moving to the current one, Suella Braverman. If you don’t want to read that info, the basic gist is that she wants to deport people to Rwanda, and be proud to see it happen.
And then she mentioned something about Indian people, which, considering she is also of Indian descent, is strange.

It’s clear that the British, or rather the English, shot themselves in the foot due to Brexit, and how it has affected their economy so far, corroborated with the advent of the pandemic, and now with the war increasing prices in gas and energy, despite the fact that it should affect European countries more than UK, is also baffling.

But getting back to my initial question, when is this cancel culture hullabaloo going to strike important people like politicians, who actually decide stressful maters for their country, and includes things like forced deportation?

*And yes, I know I haven’t included people like Trump, Orban, Putin, and ones from Asia.