This post will contains spoilers from the series, which, if you haven’t watched fully, you may discover some important plot points.

The whole gist of the show is that he’s talking to an older guy, who we discover is his dad; who mentors him as a figment of his imagination -think Fight Club-, and we discover at the end that he actually abused him, and he hid it so much in his subconscious that he had to be coerced to divulge such a thing.

The premise of the show is great, and the whole show is sort of similar to some of the stuff that happen in the world. And luckily, nobody had the fate of Kubrick after he made Eyes Wide Shut, if you believe the rumours.

But I’m here to talk about Elliot, the main character, and what he goes through in his process to foil plans with bigwigs just to avenge a death or two.
And how, everything changes once he sees the eponymous Mr. Robot.
Which leads us to…therapy.

Ah, yes, the miracle that has happened in the past 100 or so years, and has helped, generally, hopefully, people all over the world deal with their shit.
In essence, talking to people, and finding out things from your past that could help solve your issues is the key, but talking with someone who doesn’t judge you, only merely wanting to help you, and in…