One of my favourite movies and how different moods changes your perception of it

Adrian George Nicolae
3 min readJul 13, 2018

I’ve seen the above movie 4 times now, with the last time being last night.

Watching such a recent movie 4 times is an overkill for sure, however, I watched it in different phases of my life, which were 2 times in different stages of depression, one time when I felt sort of okay, yet I was still in some sort of limbo, and now, when I probably feel the best I’ve felt in years, like I how I used to feel before I moved in this country.

The movie is about Davis Mitchell (Gyllenhaal) who goes through a tragedy and realizes he’s emotionally void. Upon hearing some words from Phil (Cooper) he starts to be more observant and to figure out how to be himself. With that, he gets random help from Karen Moreno (Watts) and her son. Will Davis finally emote after years of repressed feelings?

Now, here’s why I can find myself in this character.
He’s also going through some depression/breakdown, but he’s acting differently than I did. He’s in a different environment and has at least one person pestering him with something. I had none, and that’s also to do with surroundings, people.

He was working in finance, with big numbers, and despite that, he became numb to everything else that was fun. He had a lovely and fun wife that…