Past Lives is…

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readNov 22, 2023
Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash

I knew Past Lives had been in the cinemas recently, but I always missed it, because, well, life happened.

It looked interesting. Two people who liked each other since they were kids, met again when they were adults.
I see similar kind of stuff in manga, but also wouldn’t surprise me if it was Eastern European.

If you’re like me, and you’ve had crushes when you were a kid, that never materialized for some reason or another, I guess this could make you nostalgic/reminiscent or could even close some chapter that would have never been closed otherwise.

And it’s such a breath of fresh air of a movie to watch that I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t depressed or going through some break-up right now.
Not that they shouldn’t watch it ever, but it might not inspire them to come out of it.

At some point in the movie you see a couple be a couple. When you see something like that as a single person, you want that couple to vanish.
When you’re a couple, you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

I could write more, but this is one of those movies that’s meant to be seen, felt, held, and inspire, in a creative way, to come up with something.
Or am I the only one that’s tired of western nothingness and want something with more depth?