Yeah, they’re kooky, strange, and have revolting-looking meals, but have you seen how they are?

This is a family, that in a different kind of way, love each other. Sure, you might say that the siblings are bullying each other, but when they want to help each other out regardless of their tussles, I’d say they care about each other, too.

However, what I’m talking about more is Morticia and Gomez. Now this is a couple on fire.
They have everlasting lust for one another, they don’t put the other down(not in a metaphorical way at least), and they’re also looking for ways for the whole family to be happy.
It’s a very ego-less way of being.
Morticia could easily bitch and moan if Gomez flirts with some other chick, but he immediately apologizes, and she realizes he loves her, and that’s that.
Or when Gomez is grumpy and sad, and Morticia tries to cheer him up, and fails, then she tries to fix the problem about the house. Now how many women would go to that extent, at least in a film setting, for their man, their family?
I can tell you I don’t have a number.

They may be portrayed as different, yet they are that real loving family that people should aspire to be, although maybe forego the eating habits.
I raise a glass to you.

​And I also made a joke about it.

First appeared on my blog.