The entitlement of nowadays

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readJul 27, 2022
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

I live in London, and living with people from a different culture to yours, you often wonder why they behave in a particular way.

And I could talk about a plethora of the things they do that irk me, this other one is quite high up there, and I see it prevalent more in the UK and USA than anywhere else. I’m talking about entitlement.

Or to say it in a different way, the desire for people without a certifiable talent or skill to demand praise and free passes for no justifiable reason other them believing they’re above others.
Reading that, I’m thinking politician, and while they can be included, I’m more referring to so-called celebrities, and also to regular people, of no known notoriety or infamy who, based on whatever skewered merit they deem to uphold, want it all. And fair enough, there are plenty of snake oil salesmen out there, but these people don’t even try that.

A case caught my eye this week. A woman sued a man, in USA, for 10.000$ for ghosting her on a first date.
When I first saw that, I was bewildered that someone would think of something like that. Can you imagine the upheaval if a man were to sue a woman for catfishing him?
That would be made into a meme straight away.
I understand the need for people to make money, and it happens on a daily basis through underhanded tactics, but on a scale of lowness…