The man-woman problem (a brief summary of female plight)

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readFeb 9, 2018


Man-made words, man-made religions, man-made ideologies.
If you look through history, you’ll see how women have had it bad due to how men have perceived them, despite the fact that women are superior to us.
Let’s look at words in regards to a sexual encounter.
A girl is “giving it away” on the first night, and is “easy”. A guy is “getting it” and is considered “the man” for the same thing.
A girl that sleeps around is a slut, but a guy that sleeps around is a stud.
There are a few more examples of this, all mind-boggling and unfair to women, including the “walk of shame”, whereas guys are high-fiving each other.

If you think of the word “savior”, you think of males. I won’t go into all the gods, but Jesus Christ was considered a savior, whereas his mother, a pure woman who somehow gave birth, is being called a whore by some people (and I’ve personally seen messages).
The few women of the past that have stood out, and this is from memory, are Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra. I’m talking about women pre-1800. There have been a few more since then, thankfully.

Despite this, there is also some more respect shown towards women. We have the cases of Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks who have refused to give away their seats to white people just on the principle that they were white, and they were arrested. Somehow, in the same year, a 14 year old kid by the name of Emmett Till (not that the ladies above were much older, and also, all three black) was lynched because he allegedly offended a white woman in a grocery store. Now I’m not trying to turn this around, but that’s Middle Ages shit right there.

Fortunately, the #metoo movement is bringing with it some much needed change, and it will hopefully show women that they don’t have to go to the casting couch to get a job. I feel disgusted just by writing that. Taking advantage of someone’s body to get what you want is vile, and is part of a society that should be extinct. Hopefully, in less than 10 years.

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