The one thing that UEFA does right that The FA doesn’t

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readMay 21, 2022
Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

Now, I don’t watch football as much as before, but I still read about it, and there were three particular cases that popped up this week.
Billy Sharp being headbutted, and Everton fans harassing Crystal Palace staff. And in a lower division, Jordan Bowery getting pushed.
Not to to mention the main happening of last summer’s Euro final. And this is how UEFA dealt with it.

You see, if those attacks were happening in some other European country, especially Eastern Europe, the English media would call them all sorts of names, but since it’s happening over here, not that much.

I remember years ago, during a Europa League qualifier, Dinamo Bucharest were losing at home to Slovan Liberec, so the home fans invaded the pitch, the match was cancelled and Slovan were awarded a 3–0 victory.
Downright, people were upset, but the Dinamo players were fueled by this, and eventually won the second match, at Liberec, and qualified.
Point again, is, that UEFA did something drastic.

The FA, like most British rule-makers, are quite lenient.
I have become aware of how lenient things are when I hear stories of how people steal things from various stores, and either get away, or get caught and get a slap on the wrist.
After having a conversation with a security who told me some of these stories, I told him that in Eastern Europe, if you were caught doing that, you’d be taken in the back and be battered, and then not do it again.

If what happened in those three matches, only one of which the away team won, if UEFA would’ve been in charge, you’d have point deductions, fans banned from matches, and overruled results.
But people here are too lenient and are ok with it.

And yes, I know that there’s talk from players and staff about anti-racism, anti-bullying, disabilities, and mental health, which are all commendable and forward-thinking things, yet when a similar thing happens, why isn’t any action taken?