The spiciest mistake I ever made…

Adrian George Nicolae
4 min readAug 3, 2018

No, this won’t turn into a food blog, but some meals are worth talking about.

​There’s this place in Edinburgh called Kismot. And besides their regular meals, they have this monster, that’s been featured on TV and newspapers and all that, but I didn’t know that at the time.
I believe that last year, when I checked them out, I was looking for food challenges. As a vegan, there aren’t many for us, so I was glad to find this one, yet I couldn’t sample it last year due to them not having it available.

I wasn’t expecting to come to Edinburgh this year, for the Fringe no less, and here I am, with that meal in my face.

I like spicy food, eat it constantly, and have had a bunch of stuff over the years.
I’ve had a few meals that made me tear, but were bearable. I’ve had two Pizza Hut pizzas with Nduja sauce that made me take the sauce away from the other one, after somehow eating the first one. I’ve made my own rice with 15 scotch bonnets, which felt mildly spicy. And I’ve two komodo dragon chilly peppers from Tesco’s that gave me a similar experience, only that that one was in my home with less money spent.

The Kismot Killer uses the five spiciest chillies in the world to make something that looks like the hell we all know from pictures.
As you can see from above, they give you a small to medium-sized bowl of rice, and a medium-sized bowl of the concoction that would put Obelix to sleep.
Oh, and it came out to Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger” (unless I forgot the song in all that excitement). Yeah, I didn’t know why the music changed all of a sudden.
The guy came out with a gas mask to suggest that that won’t go near his face.

After he left it on the table, Abdul was pretty much going “good luck bro. I’m gonna come check on you in 5 minutes.” And I was like “I’ll be fine,” grinning like a moron that knew better, but was crazy enough to take chances.

I put about 3 spoonfulls on my place, and covered it with some of that sticky rice.
Before I dived in, I sampled it with the tip of my pinky finger and felt the burn right away. “Oh ho, this might not bode well,” flew in my head at a breakneck speed.
I have to say that I hadn’t…