The Whale and the battle of body dysmorphia

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readFeb 13, 2023
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

I’m sure some of you have heard of the Brenaissance movie “The Whale”, dubbed like that because it’s Brendan Fraser’s return to a high profile movie after some tumultuous incident in the film industry.

In this movie, he portrays an overweight teacher who has been through some hardship in his life that led to him gaining weight. To the point that he has retreated from people, feeling and knowing that he is disgusting to everyone; despite not everybody sharing that sentiment towards him.
And it’s like I’m describing how I feel due to having body dysmorphia, because I’m very much average height/weight, yet I don’t always feel like that.
Probably, the main movie that sort of addressed this is “Shallow Hal”, wherein the main character sees this woman as having a more slim figure than what everybody sees, her shadow shows, and she knows, but doesn’t exactly realize he doesn’t.

Feeling that you are much more bigger than you actually are is not a great way to live life, despite me working on overcoming it and putting it in the back of my mind.
And the reason I’m sharing this is because the movie struck a chord, not only by the great acting that elevates the story, but by how someone of a certain weight that I’m supposing to feel like having moves and behaves.

Basically, I looked through the window of an alternate version of myself and I felt confused, then I understood at the end.
One can exist in the doldrums of their mind, but one also needs a reason to live at some point, and will they do it or still stay stagnant?

Watch it and see if it makes you feel one way or another.