Vegan this, vegan that, vegans everywhere.

Adrian George Nicolae
2 min readJan 5, 2018

I don’t know about you, but the whole world has gone vegan mad these days. Or at least the UK world.

I read stories in British newspapers about some guy or gal becoming vegan as part of Veganuary (the month where people turn vegans, then they turn back to stone again) or as a challenge, or because they saw some celebrity and figured “if they can do it, maybe so can I”. #groan

The sad thing about some nowadays is they follow the herd even more than before. If it’s not a trend, they’re not bucking.
There was one such trend last year, avocado latte, which meant you had an avocado shell through which you drank your milky coffee from. Come again, bro?
The year just started and you have raw water folk, and the smartsies from Silicon Valley are charging a bundle for less than a gallon of water. Business savvy to the end, eh? I would, too, if I was living next to a river.
Unrelated, but Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth drink raw milk. How come no one’s charging them an arm and a leg? Or maybe they are, but the suckers are paying for it. #naughty

Another thing that happened over Christmas was a chef spiked a vegan’s meal with non-vegan sauce, and then made the fatal mistake of bragging about it. As things turned out, she received death threats due to peeps finding out where she lives, she quit her job, and her mental stability has gone off somewhere. Probably in that sauce. There was an episode on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares (or whatever it was called)” where they did the same. Don’t recall any lambasting action back then, but now it’s in full throttle.

Thing is, I myself am guilty. See, I’m vegan, and I’ll tell you, I was a preachy plum at first, mostly to my family and relatives, and after noticing those eyes, I kinda stopped and only talked about it when they asked me. I was fine, they were fine. But that’s not what I’m guilty of. I’m guilty of joining a variety of vegan groups on social media, where a variety of people lurk. These people get offended by everything.
You think the Trans movement, or #metoo, or gay rights left people offended, you should come on these groups, man. I tell ya. You might get pissed off at the air if you spend a long enough time there.

However, there are changes in the big supermarkets. Slow, but steady, which is great. But they’re not the issue. The farmers that keep taking the mick out of us in papers via government BS are the issue. They’re barely holding on, thankfully.

Tl:dr = vegans are strange people. everybody is strange. think. (I guess. No idea. Read, goddammit).